Good and Bad Page Layout

by Natalie Rae

The cover of Nylon Magazine contains some poor layout design because of the inconsistent alignment, the use of text color, and the ugly shapes of the negative space. Although the text on the left side of the page is left-aligned and the right side of the page has mostly right-aligned text, the alignment of the blocks of text are inconsistent. Because of the alternating use of color for the subtitles with black, pink and blue, there is no hierarchy of importance or natural flow from one block of text to the next. It seems too busy and makes your eyes jump around too much. Because the blocks of text are either placed super close to the photograph of Evan Rachel Wood or not so close, the shape of the negative space isn’t pretty. If the text had a more consistent alignment, the negative space would be prettier.

The cover of Elle Decor Magazine is an example of a good page layout because of the use of alignment, the number and consistency of the fonts used, and the balance. Besides the Elle Decor title, all text is center aligned, which is pleasing to the eye. There appears to be only three different types of fonts used, which keeps the magazine cover simple yet interesting. Although some of the text alternates font size, the consistency of the font used makes it legible. To balance the photograph, the text is placed upon a blank space on the wall. The black text balances the black room decor, which repeats “God Bless America.”