Art Review #10

by Natalie Rae

“Silence & Noise”

December 9, 2011 – CSUSM Art Building

Silence & Noise was an exhibition for the VPA Process of Art course with Judit Hersko. All artists contributed their final project. The foyer, small theatre, and a classroom upstairs displayed the many diverse art forms, such as photography, charcoal pencil, theatre monologue, film, acrylic paint, graphic design, installation, music, calligraphy, and clothing design. I loved that it was a multi-disciplinary exhibition. An inspiration for my self-portrait came from a fellow student, Donovan, and his tri-portrait. He divided a picture of himself through photography, vector, and charcoal pencil drawing. His work told of his many talents.

Throughout the semester, I have not had a chance to see the artwork of others in the class, because the homework has been of a reading and writing nature. The midterm project let us all give each other a glimpse into our talent and world. I left the exhibition with a much greater respect for those in my class. Unfortunately before the event, we had to walk around and critique everyone’s work before listening to the artist explain his or her concept, process of creating the work, and his or her inspiration. Although the critique was helpful, it caused me to find the exhibition later in the night quite tedious. I had already seen the work, stared at it for about ten minutes, and wanted to rest my poor feet from standing all day.

The following is the second portrait of my series, My Beloved. 

Chalk on Canvas 3’x4′

Artist Statement:

As my grandmother valiantly fought colon cancer, I finished an oil painting of her favorite photo of herself just two weeks before her death on November 3, 2011. Beneath the oil paint are my written prayers to God for her health, peace, and comfort. The painting dramatically represented the idea of loss through the passing of my grandmother and through the fact that no one will ever see my prayers beneath the paint. Through her painting, I gained an obsession with personal documentary photography and honorific portraiture. This chalk drawing of my boyfriend Matt is the second portrait of the series My Beloved. Beneath the chalkboard paint are my written prayers to God and passages of scripture from the Holy Bible.