Gig Poster

by Natalie Rae

Lykke Li Gig Poster

Design: Minimalism & Swiss Graphic Design

Characteristics of Minimalism and Swiss Graphic Design are the following: simplicity, precision, clean lines, geometric shapes, abstraction, blocks of color, modernistic, constructivist influence, inventive typography, lack of texture, and lack of intricate, complex illustration.

Because simplicity is the most important aspect of the genres of Minimalism and Swiss Graphic Design, I decided to use a limited color pallet of yellow, red, black, and white. All text is Helvetica, which was used by the Swiss, typeface designer Max Miedinger in 1957. Most Swiss graphic designs use Helvetica or another sans-serif font. The large, geometric shapes emulate the clean and bold designs of minimalism.

Inspiration: Clement Greenberg & Frank Stella

An influential artist is Paul Rand, who greatly contributed to the beginning of the Swiss style in graphic design. Example:

Lykke Li’s music is very modern and experimental. She does not fit one specific genre and can be categorized in pop, electronic, and indie. The minimalism and Swiss graphic design compliments her music and lyrics. The gig poster design has a lot of movement and energy. It’s bright colors and simplicity demands the attention of the viewer.